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Traditional working practices have changed in recent years. More often than not we are working from home some or all of the time, so the need to have an efficient, workable home office is high on the agenda. You need to have somewhere to work that will fulfill all of your working criteria. We are here to listen and create.

At Original Kitchens we not only have the resources to design and fit beautiful kitchens or sumptuous bedrooms but we can work with you to create your perfect working environment at home. All of the materials and components that you would need are readily available, and with some clever design work, your new fitted functional office isn’t too far away.

A well designed home office will provide you with an effective and ergonomic working space including appropriate storage, comfortable seating and a suitable desk area. We will also consider all of your technological needs to create a fully integrated working environment.

A fully functional home office will provide you with the storage, technology and work space required to run your business and work from home as effectively as possible. Our innovative storage solutions will neatly provide you with both hard and soft storage options. Screens and docking stations can be integrated into bespoke cupboards allowing you to close them away when the work is done.


Not everyone has the space to dedicate to a fully functioning home office. We can incorporate home office working facilities into the tiniest and most out of the way spaces. Under-stairs cupboards, landings and hallways can all provide you with ‘micro work areas’ functional during the day but hidden by night.


Spare bedroom or Home Office? – you no longer have to choose how to use your extra space. Home office by day …. and bedroom by night. Our innovative storage solutions, fold up beds and pull out desks will allow you the ultimate in flexibility.


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