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Meine Kuche. Made in Germany

We are an Authorised Retailer for ‘Kuhlmann’ Kitchens

Original Kitchens are the authorised retailer for Kuhlmann Kitchens in Kent and the South-East and offer their outstanding product quality for German made kitchens.

Flexibility is what sets us apart from the other kitchen manufacturers. Our highly customisable Kuhlmann kitchen range means that, whatever your project requires, we’ll be able to work it out with 1000’s of different solutions; heights, widths, depths, door styles, finishes to name a few…

Kuhlmann kitchen quality and flexibility is also very affordable – it won’t cost as much as you might expect. Whatever your budget, we will be able to find a solution to suit


Kuhlmann Kitchens
Meine Küche. Made in Germany.


“Everything happens in a Kuhlmann kitchen – Life never gets boring.”


Today’s Kitchens shouldn’t just be where you cook anymore, they need to be tailored to suit your life and the way in which you use them. They are the centre point of the home. The place where you relax with friends and entertain. The place where you meet, talk, laugh, cry and put ‘the world to rights’ – This is where you make decisions, get the homework done, surf the Web, decorate birthday cakes and make gifts, call friends and relatives and, yes, occasionally cook and eat with them too.


Your kitchen is where you live. And that is just what Kuhlmann design their kitchens for; For everything that‘s in your life.

Some people have big families. Others prefer living alone. Others have just found their better halves and have become two and will soon be three. Whatever their situation, there‘s one thing they have in common; they all need a kitchen that is unique to them.

We‘d like to build you the kitchen that suits you and your lifestyle. We‘d like to create somewhere you feel secure and you love coming back to, time and time again.

Have a look at the image gallery below to see if there is a Kuhlmann kitchen design that will fit into you life –


Kuhlmann Kitchens - Full of Emotion

Kuhlmann Kitchen  – Image Gallery

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