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Open Plan Living Rooms

Open Plan Living and Open Plan Kitchens have been around for a while now and with more and more people modernising and extending their existing homes rather than moving, the idea of an open living space really does suit our modern way of life.

The Kitchen has become more than just a cooking room – it has become the social hub of the home! When they sang ‘You will always find me in the kitchen at parties..’ they weren’t wrong. Open your kitchen up today and enjoy the party!

Introducing a funtional, clean and stylish living area which will incorporate all of the household needs is a difficult and challenging idea, but with the help of Original Kitchens your new living space will become everything you want it to be.


When we are designing a fully integrated open plan space it is vital for us to consider the different activities which the space is to support and understand the different way spaces interact with each other.


Each of our Customers family profile will be incorporated to give a personalised open plan scheme. An informal seating area for the family or a sophisticated entertaining space, either can designed to meet your specific needs.


The kitchen, dining and living areas should seamlessly blend into each other whilst maintaining their own individuality. A common theme such as colour or style can unite the open living spaces whilst changing the details or presentation can give each area it’s own special identity.

Open Plan Living  – Design Ideas


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