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Draw a basic floor plan.


This can be a rough outline of your room with the important measurements included.
For us to get an understanding of the space please also include –

  • Window and Door Positions with┬ásizes
  • Which is the outside wall and is this where the drainage point is?
  • Boiler position (if applicable)
  • Fixed beams and/or support pillars


Scan and Save your floor plan.


If you have a scanner then you can easily save your drawing to your computer, alternatively take a photo and download it. Save it with a suitable filename – “kitchenPlan-MrsJones-011015.jpg” for example.



Send us your new floor plan.


Fill out the simple form opposite, attach your newly saved kitchen plan by selecting ‘choose file’ and browse for the associated file on your computer. If you can attach additional photos of your existing kitchen, then that would be great. Press ‘BE ORIGINAL’ and your New Kitchen will soon be bought to life and returned to you as realistic photo style images along with a detailed quotation.

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