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Options to suit Your Budget

At Original Kitchens we do not run ‘latest offers or promotional discounts” as we can’t understand how a price can be discounted on something that hasn’t even been created yet.

That said, we are always willing to negotiate with you on prices and detail once the kitchen, bedroom or home office has been created and set-up. There is always a solution that is perfect for the budget that you had in mind.

Price Ranges

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From one door to a complete make-over without taking out your existing cabinets  – this is an affordable solution when on a tight budget.

Replacement Door Service

All of our cabinets and doors in the vinyl range can be colour matched to create a good looking room at a sensible price. As they are unbranded – the flexibility is endless and the creations are some of our most original.

Unbranded with Vinyl doors

When wood, paint and stone are combined, the design and style is always reflected in the price. Beautiful materials work in perfect harmony, however these will always be in the higher price groups compared to other materials available.

Painted and Real Wood

The Kuhlmann range of Kitchens are so varied that they cannot be set in one particular price group. This is good news for you, the consumer, as there will always be something affordable.  

Kuhlmann German Kitchens

A creative and clever use of storage in the bedroom can be finished in a very cost effective way using sliding wardrobe doors. Our design range offers one of the best products available.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors

If you only need a new worktop then we can offer a wide range of solutions – from cost effective laminate worktops to the luxury of quartz or granite.

Worktop Only Solutions

No Pushy Salesman!

If you use buying a car as an example – you would always buy a car that you could afford rather than the one that you knew you couldn’t.


You know that you cannot afford the Ferrari, so you are more than likely not going to buy it, no matter how many times the salesman pushes you towards it.


This will be the same with your home requirement – we will find you an affordable solution for what you want, however, we will never use pushy sales tactics to sell you something that you don’t!


Please feel free to be open and frank about your budgets and requirements as that is how we like it and we hope that you do too!


Wide Range - Options Available

Have you set aside your Budget? Get in touch today.

If you have a budget for your kitchen, bedroom or home office then please get in touch and we can arrange for a FREE in-home design consultation.